30 Days With Limited Sugar– Knee Surgery!

30 Days With Limited Sugar– Knee Surgery!

Hallelujah! The time has finally arrived. I know I promised you all an eye-opening article and I will get back to that at a later date, but I wanted to share the happy news that I finally had my knee surgery. Why is this important regarding my weight loss journey? Because of the swelling. My knee injury has caused quite a bit of pain and a serious amount of swelling. I blamed the giant balloon knee on the fact that my sugar detox only resulted in a 5 pound weight loss over the course of 30 days. My pants fit much better, but the scale just would not budge.

I apologize for the long space of time since my last entry, as well. You see, I also got a new job. It’s a teaching job which means that my time is no longer my own. “Oh you get summers off!” Har har har. Since the last week of July I’ve been in classes, reading several books and writing lesson and unit plans. Not that I’m complaining. This will be my fourth year and I get to teach two amazing electives this year, Creative Writing and Spanish, which is a pretty sweet gig.

Anyway, back to my busted appendage. I had laparoscopic surgery bright and early Friday morning. He took a couple of scopes into my knee to look around and cut off whatever was torn in there. I had a similar surgery two years ago. That one was a combination tennis injury, and a near fall down a gravel hill after leaving work one night. Apparently almost falling is as dangerous as falling. What’s the diagnosis? Why do I keep tearing ligaments at thirty something years old? Good question. Apparently I’ll find out next Friday at my follow-up. He did happen to mention something about my disease progressing. Say what? I didn’t even know I had a disease. So, while trying to recover and put together two new classrooms I also need to focus on not freaking out over some mystery disease.


Sadly, this procedure caused it’s own flare up and I swelled up even bigger. Add another five pounds to the mix, all in my right leg. Look at the comparison.

IMG_1071I give you Monster Foot!

Excuse the hairy legs. I was not allowed to shave in case I cut myself. Also, excuse the pitiful pedicure. I had to take my nail polish off, which was sad considering that I paid for my mom and I to get mani pedis as a wedding present the Saturday before. So this is me the morning after. You can’t even see my ankle. So yeah, swelling. The good news is after a week, I am down that entire five pounds.

Here’s are my feet today, and my scars, cuz you know you want to see them! 😀

Still a bit puffy as you can see, but it’s progressing nicely. I have three cuts, the little brown dot is my birthmark. As for my scars, my sutures are still hanging around, so that says that and the fact that too much walking around calls for medication, says that I am in no way done healing. As for my workouts, I have my own little leg exercises for physical therapy but haven’t been able to do much else. Perhaps I should restart this part of my sugar journey once I’m ready to hit the yoga mat again…

Have you ever been sidelined before? Tell me about your recovery story in the comments below. Be sure to hit the follow button to keep up on the madness and share the fun.  Take care and as always,

Thanks for reading,


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