30 Days of Limited Sugar — Week 1

30 Days of Limited Sugar — Week 1

I’ve noticed that when I wrote about my sugar binge that I went on after my 30 Day No Sugar Added Detox that I have been losing readers. Perhaps you lost faith in me and don’t want to read about someone eating a king sized Snickers ice cream bar. Maybe you lost faith in me because you don’t understand why anyone would go through a detox like that and go back to my bad habits. I get it.

Allow me to explain. I wanted to see how some of the sugary foods affected me. Would they make me sick? Would I have uncontrollable cravings afterward? Would I start putting on weight? How about my energy and great skin? Would I lose all the benefits I’ve gained? So, I tried some of them out. Thankfully, I was disgusted by soda. I was not disgusted by that king-sized Snickers, although I found it much too big. Haven’t had one or wanted one since, so score for the lack of cravings. I tried coffee in several different fashions. Brewed with milk and half the sugar I used to use. It was tasty, but I think the milk was giving me flatulence. I tried it with just almond milk, which is good as long as I use twice as much almond milk as I do milk. Hubby bought some crappy coffee and it only tastes good if I load it up with sugar, so if he happens to make crappy coffee, I just don’t drink it. It’s not so hard considering I went a full month without coffee.  Mostly I just missed the warm, cozy morning beverage. I tried to supplement that with green tea which was ok, but it definitely wasn’t coffee. I went to coffee stands to see how I tolerated lattes. The first time, I asked for a coconut coffee with half the flavoring, but that didn’t taste much different than my cheap home drip, so I gave it to my husband. No use adding a load of sugar if I’m not even enjoying it. I went to my favorite coffee stand and got some fancy concoction and just got the normal amount of flavoring. While I did finish it and found it enjoyable, it really was much too sweet. Since I used the freebie on my punch card to get that, I decided that I’m pretty much over $4 coffees. So that was a win as well.

On July 10th, I decided I would start officially limiting sugar, natural or added and that seems to be getting me back on my game, sort of. Just in those short ten days, I had put on two pounds. To be fair, I did start my cycle on July 11th, so those numbers might be off. Now I am keeping track of my calories and meta nutrients using the My Plate app. I don’t enter it every day because like you, I am a busy lady. I eat a lot of the same things (yay leftovers!) so I can get an idea of what I’ve done here and there, but when I add a new recipe, I make sure I complete the whole day. I was really surprised to find out that my banana bread recipe really is not that bad for me (Although when I first tasted it, I found it too sweet, so I’m going to edit my recipe a bit) It’s a basic banana bread recipe which contains 112 calories, 15 carbs, 5 grams of fat and thanks to the walnuts 3 grams of protein. I ate a slice every day this week either as a breakfast or an afternoon snack. I did an excellent job of staying under my 60 grams of sugar limit, although the app would like me to stay much lower (20, can you believe that?). I worked out every single day this week, trying to maintain a balance between higher intensity yoga, cardio, and calisthenics.

I did bring my weight back down to 179 and lost another half inch on my hips. As a matter of fact, I noticed that my workout pants are nearly sliding off me. My knee is still killing me, but I surgery to fix that is in the near future.

I noticed that I have gone over my limit on carbs one day (has browns, banana bread, popcorn…) and as I suspected I have been taking in slightly too much protein. Side effects from eating added sugars, I have found a couple of small blemishes, (that could have been caused by my recent hormonal spike) also I seem to be missing that nice bump in energy and mood that I had when I was added-sugar free. This could be caused by the fact that a new school year is about to start and I will be teaching at a new school, so I am feeling some lifestyle stressors.

However the thing that saddens me most after adding sugar back into my diet is that my muscles don’t appear nearly as “cut” as they once did. I was on my way to some serious abs!

Next post I’ll reveal a very unsettling article I stumbled across that’s leading me to refocus my efforts. For now, enjoy these mouth-watering pictures of some of my tastiest healthy options that I enjoyed this week.

If you’d like to know more about these recipes or would like to share one of your own, leave it in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, share, and follow. Until next time,

Thanks for reading!



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