End Results & Next Steps

End Results & Next Steps

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that I could successfully reduce the sugar in my diet, but after seeing a Buzzfeed article titled 30 Days Of Meals You Can Eat During A Sugar Detox come across my news feed I was inspired to give it a shot. Now mind you, if this was absolutely no sugar, I wouldn’t be able to handle it at all, but this is no added sugar. Look at the ingredients of whatever it is you are eating now or ate last. I bet you a dollar that there is some form of added sugar in there. Sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and many more are the names this sneaky additive goes by. As someone who has been growing and canning fruit I can tell you sugar is a fantastic preservative. That being said our American food supply is filled with way too much of the stuff. Why do Cheetos need sugar? How about lunch meat? Beef jerky! Why does my Gluten Free bread have sugar in it? In the process I went through an entire jar of  Organic Natural Peanut Butter and discovered and remembered some amazing recipes. Among my favorites would have to be lettuce wraps, pho and no sugar added ice cream made from peanut butter and bananas. 

Sadly I was only able to lose five pounds, but I partially blame my swollen injured knee for that. What I did lose was two inches around my torso. So, two inches around my chest, two inches from my waste, and finally, two inches from my stubborn hips. I lost an inch from my thighs (at least from the one) and a half an inch from my calves.  I often lose pieces of paper so I keep track on my bathroom mirror.


I also bought a new pair of workout pants which are size 11/13 rathet than the 14s I was stuffing myself into at the beginning of June. Down a size in a month? Yes please!What does that look like? Let’s find out.

Sorry for the grimace. I just don’t like my pics being taken. Looks like I still have some inches to lose, but this time I really am hiding a six-pack under there, or at least a really good start to one. That is one thing I noticed about reducing the sugar is I really could see what my workouts were doing. I think these rolls that many of us are sporting are fueled by sugar, and the more these rolls get, the more they want.

OMG! Look at my arms! Look at my ass! No really, my ass has disappeared!

Ok, well I found my ass and that second picture sucks, but I notice that the upper roll around my armpit area is gone which I am ecstatic about. Duces! Stay gone upper back roll!

Other benefits I noticed was a surprising surge in energy. I can’t drink coffee without sugar so along with no added sugar I have unintentionally given up coffee. My skin, which isn’t terrible to begin with, had fewer random blemishes and seemed to brighten up. It was starting to look a little dull before this. Overall, I would say this experiment was a success, but I know it’s not sustainable. I’m going to take the next several days to have some of the foods I miss, like coffee with cream and sugar, ice cream and there is a strawberry soda that is waiting for me in my pantry.

I’ll post in a couple days about what that all tasted and felt like after completely ridding my body of all added sugars.

Once that is over, I am going to do a new 30 Day journey. Using my My Plate calorie & metanutrient tracker, I’m going to pay super close attention to my total sugars, including my fruits that I love so much, so this next month long (and possibly lifetime) journey will be called 30 Days with Limited Sugar. Be sure to follow so you don’t miss the new fun.

Have you ever done a detox like this before? How did it turn out and how have things changed since then? Like, share, and comment below.




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