30 Days With No (Added) Sugar — Final Days

30 Days With No (Added) Sugar — Final Days

I added up all my calories after lettuce wraps and detox pho and realized that I only had 1100 calories that day. Did I mention that I was 180 pounds? Even while dieting that is not enough for someone of my size. Yeah as much as we’d like to believe that a little starvation is all it takes to get down to our goal weight, that can actually switch your body into freak out mode and it wants to hold onto every bit of food you put into it. According to CoachCalorie.com  it could even cause your decreased thyroid production. Did I mention that I already have a thyroid issue? That’s all I need. The following day, I downloaded the My Plate app from Livestrong and started punching in my meals. I used to use this years ago, but like some people who abruptly stop taking their required medications as soon as they start feeling better, I quit using it. Now, I’m back to it to make sure that I am eating enough. 

The following day, I used the My Plate app paying attention to the micronutrients. I realized that my love of fruits gave me a rather high total sugar, but as far as calories and proteins, I was doing just fine.

Thursday, I was rocking very light meals all day. Hubby had brought me a Senergo smoothie the evening before, but since we were about to sit down to dinner, we threw it in the freezer for Thursday morning. My boyo came over for a visit and he likes to do movie marathons with his girlfriend and I. That’s not weird, either. Remember I told you, he grew up watching Rom Coms with me? Now he gets to be the romantic hero who shows his lady movies he grew up with, but she hasn’t seen before. I didn’t realize that I was subconsciously  raising him to be the perfect boyfriend.

Since the family was together, hubby made his mega-Mac & Cheese. By mega I mean it has chicken, mushrooms, and this time carmelized onions and garlic baked in with (frankly too much) cheese. I created the recipe on My Plate, I was able to calculate the calories for this tempting treat and, since I kept it light during the beginning of the day, amazingly this meal was just the 600 I needed to keep me within an appropriate fat burning level.

IMG_0835I also made popcorn, but in the midst of family time, I forgot to snap a photo, but you’ve seen that meal before, and hubby’s Mega Mac looked so good, I started eating it before I even thought about a photo.

Friday, since it’s the end of the month, we were low on groceries so I woke up and made a big batch of banana peanut butter ice cream. I had found a different version that said you can still use two tablespoons of peanut butter for four bananas. I did not care for this version as much. The flavor tasted too much like smashed banana and not enough peanut butter or cocoa flavor. Maybe I’ll split the difference and try four bananas with three tablespoons of peanut butter. Anyway, I made more lettuce wraps for lunch. Hubby called on his way home to ask me if I would make sun tea and then we had the rest of our pho for dinner. That is how you eat low-calorie.


Too low in fact. Hubby and I went furniture shopping after dinner and when we got home I went into a full-blown panic. I just knew that I hadn’t eaten enough calories and since my final weigh in was in the morning, I scoured the cupboards to find a snack that would bring up my calorie count but not be too heavy since it was later than I should be eating. I settled on a piece of Ezekiel bread toasted, with peanut butter and apple slices on top.

Over these past couple of days, I also wanted to incorporate a little of what I learned from Kim Kardashian and upped my workout from 30 to 45-60 minutes. I did not up the intensity at all because of my injury.

Now to keep my fingers crossed and get some good sleep for my final weigh in tomorrow!

You definitely don’t want to miss that one, and I’m not done yet. Changing things up just a little over the next 30 days to see if it really is added sugars or something else that’s the big enemy for my body. Of course we are all different and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all. So, stay tuned.. More details to follow in my next post! Follow, like, share, and as always

Thanks for reading!




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