30 Days With No (Added) Sugar — Days 24 & 25

30 Days With No (Added) Sugar — Days 24 & 25

Day 24 — I went to go see my doctor on Friday about my knee and my doctor who operated on my other knee when I slipped and tore a chunk of cartilage was fairly dismissive.

“People’s knees flare up from time to time and then go back to normal. Has it shrunk at all since the original injury?” he says.

“A little. I’ve been on a steady diet of Ibuprofen so that’s to be expected.”

“Does it hurt when I touch here?”





“Bro, it’s not bruised, it’s torn!”

“Let’s get you up on the table.” He puts me on my back and swirls my leg around a bit. “Does this hurt.”

“Well, no, there’s no weight on it and this isn’t a natural human movement.”

“You appear to be steady when you’re walking” Um when did you see me walk? “and since I can’t identify a source of your pain — ”

“No, wait a minute. You said I’m steady while walking? That’s not true. My knee slips and I stumble and scream in pain. I’ve been doing yoga for years. My balance is way off.”  I can’t crouch, it hurts to put on my pants in the morning and getting on and off the toilet is excruciating. Those are normal human movements and those are killing me! Ok, so I didn’t say the last part, but the quoted part was apparently enough to get me an MRI. He didn’t drain any of the fluid, so sadly my right knee is still an inch wider than my other knee. I don’t think I’ll get this resolved during the month of June so the question about whether or not it is affecting my actual weight still remains.

Today I wanted to try out another recipe I saw on Facebook, specifically these two ingredient banana pancakes I’ve been thinking about. For the full list of two-ingredient recipes, check out the Real Moms page. Now, if you are following my journey, and thinking, “Well, as long as one of the ingredients isn’t sugar, it has to be on the approved list.” Au contraire! One of the ingredients in one of these recipes for brownies is Nutella which does have added sugar, and depending on the greek yogurt for the 2-ingredient pizza dough, it may have added sugar as well.  However, these banana pancakes only have eggs and bananas. Two of each will get you about 4-5 pancakes and they’re pretty good. Different, but good. No syrup needed.

IMG_0784.JPGI had two and hubby only had one. Looks like I have leftovers for tomorrow!

I started questioning protein and why I need to eat so much of it throughout the day. Two things I have heard is that protein helps to keep you full and with protein that helps to make sure you aren’t losing muscle mass. So I started looking into it after I had a light protein free meal of dried snap peas and cherries. IMG_0785.JPG Turns out there is a such thing as too much protein. This article in Five Scary Things that Happen When you Eat Too Much Protein found in Women’s Health, tells of everything from bad breath to digestive issues to even — Gasp!– weight gain. Could I be one of the many whose good intended weight loss journey unintentionally sabotaged myself along the way? I know I have been feeling the bad mood and the… well… stuck GI issues. Another thing Kim Kardashian mentioned on the View that was holding her back from successful weight loss previously was that she was eating too little? Maybe that’s it? Maybe I’m overloaded and really have no idea why my scale seems to be stuck. Perhaps it’s just time to go back to the old tried and true method of tracking what you eat, but looking at metanutrients.  I found this great nutrient calculator: The Interactive DRI for Healthcare Professionals. I put in all the stats for my goal weight of 150 pounds. Here are my results:

IMG_08322132 calories!!! What?! Turns out I need only 55 grams of protein. Look at all those carbs!IMG_0787.JPGIMG_0794

Here are my next two small meals, a basic plate of nachos and then for dinner I wanted something light so I decided on popcorn. Because I am confused and somewhat brainwashed I knew I needed a protein, even after questioning my protein needs. Then I thought I needed something that grows and next thing I knew my “light” dinner was enormous. Oy Vei!

At some point I’m going to use that data to do something different, but the focus of this experiment is to see if added sugars are the problem. One thing that it doesn’t list is sugars. My nutritionist that I don’t see anymore because of finances, not because she isn’t awesome, recommended keeping sugars below 65. Since this attempt of going 30 days without added sugar isn’t getting me down to my goal weight (unless I miraculously drop 30 pounds in the next few days) maybe I’ll do another experiment and try 30 days of keeping total sugars (added or natural) below 65 and see if that does anything for me….

Day 25– Today I finally convinced hubby to go to a series of open houses. We’re not actively looking just yet. We’re still in the daydream phase, but since several of the houses we have favorited are open this weekend, hubby finally, finally gave in. The houses are all up north so it will be quite a journey. To start my day off strongly, I had a breakfast of that last pancake with peanut butter. Perfection! IMG_0804 We left with no snacks thinking we would just pick up a Senergo somewhere along the way since many of the places were in that region, but NOOOOOOO!!!! It’s closed on Sundays. So now here we are again with no snacks. Hubby was freaked out, because of course he has been around when my blood sugar bottoms out, but I just told him I would find snacks when we stopped for gas. Eureka! There is a such thing as road trip snacks with no sugar. Look at my bounty! All for $11 and not one drop of added sugar.

IMG_0812.JPGIMG_0814.JPGNow, While today I’ll consider that Naked juice a godsend, next month it will not work for me when tallying total sugars. This thing has 53 grams of natural sugars! Holy wow! I had it, an apple plus part of that cheese on the way up, and then the other apple, the rest of the cheese and that giant calorie free pickle on the way down.

Dinner was fun. I swear, you cannot do an added sugar detox without having some creativity. Since those Ezekiel burrito sized tortillas didn’t work out, I made quesadillas out of two larger sized La Burrita brand corn tortillas, a bit of the cucumber salad and of course my homemade salsa.

img_0815.jpg It wasn’t bad. I still miss flour tortillas, but that’s not a sugar-free loss, that’s a gluten-free loss that I have already mourned for long ago.

How about you? What is one of the things you have had to give up for a diet or health that you miss dearly? Share in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share.

Thanks for reading!




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