30 Days Without Sugar — Day 22 — Weigh in #3

30 Days Without Sugar — Day 22 — Weigh in #3

Oh, c’mon! No more hormones, no more bloating, but the scale is still stuck. Obviously, I’ve shrunk enough for it to be visible to people to notice, but how on earth is the scale frozen to 180. I’ve picked up a new pair of pants that are size 11/13 which is a size smaller than I have been wearing, but the scale has me perplexed. Yes I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I’m not body building. By that I mean I’m not at the gym lifting weights or anything. Just some light cardio (my knee has its limits), strength training and mostly yoga. I couldn’t have packed on that much muscle in three weeks. There is still the question about the water weight around my injured knee, but I won’t know anything about that for a few days at least.  I have an appointment with the surgeon that worked on my other knee on Friday.

There is good news, though. In total, I have lost 4.6 pounds (I did that all in the first week. Whatever!), I have lost 2.25 inches in my chest, two inches around my waist, two inches around my hips, and finally a half an inch on my thighs. Still good news, all around, although I feel like I could be doing better. I see why people say to not pay attention to the scale, but the sad truth is I still weigh 180 pounds. 

In the mindset of making small changes to spark bigger changes, I decided to add some protein to my easy breakfast. These eggs just came off the stove. Somewhere in my travels, someone gave me a hot egg with a touch of butter and I have been a believer ever since. Whenever I make boiled eggs, I’m usually distracted doing a bunch of other things, so it’s rare that I get on that’s still hot. Husband saw what I was doing and thought I was out of my mind. I only use real butter, and it really is just a touch. An egg isn’t big enough for a full or even half a pat. As you can see I still have my lemon water and another scone, although my scone mornings are about to come to an end since hubby couldn’t keep his hands out of the bag. IMG_0772I hate lunch. I’ve always hated lunch. It comes in the middle of the day and interrupts everything. I’ve never been much of a sandwich girl and I’m not much into packing my meals, so lunch has become my least favorite meal of the day. This latest meal pretty much shows my disdain for lunch as a whole.

img_0773.jpg Here is a small bit of leftover cucumber salad, a handful of pistachios, and the dried snap peas that took the place of the Cheetos that I really wanted, but NOOOOO! Cheetos has sugar! In my life, pie is number one, peanut butter is number two, popcorn is number three and Cheetos are the next best thing. Cheetos are a staple in my house. Seriously, I could live off of the four previously mentioned foods for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. I know Cheetos has yellow #5 and maltodextrin, but I thought since it was a corn chip, like my corn tortillas that it would be safe. Noooo!!!  None of us are safe! Added sugar is everywhere!  It’s all around us!

xfiles bitmoji

Whew! Forgive my little fit. Today was actually filled with a couple of wins on the food front. Check out my red, white, and Blue Heron parfait. I made it up. It’s strawberries (red), bananas & yogurt (white), and Blue Heron granola. Not a drop of added sugar in that granola. Thank you Blue Heron Bakery for letting the real food speak for itself! It was delicious and it’s pretty. IMG_0774

Dinner was also a looker and also delicious. I intended to pair this tuna with a tropical salad, but somehow we ended up short on greens. However, I had the stuff for this awesome Avocado Salad which paired really well.  Hubby seared the tuna on the grill while I cut five avocados into chunks, chopped a small onion, cut heritage cherry tomatoes in halves, and added some chopped cilantro. I tossed all that in with some olive oil, lemon juice and salt, and– voila!– you get a supper healthy summer dinner. img_0775-e1498626183127.jpg I mean, more meals like this and that scale is sure to budge next week, right?? Right?!?!?!

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