30 Days With No Sugar — Day 23

30 Days With No Sugar — Day 23

Kim Kardashian was on the View today and looking amazing. Now, while I’m not generally a fan, I have to give credit where credit is due. This woman who is known for her impeccable style looked even better than her usual self.

The View- ABC

They talked about all kinds of things like Kanye and Caitlyn Jenner, I stayed glued to the screen quietly calling to the screen, “Talk about your body.” Finally, toward the end of the episode, she finally talks about her regimine and how she slimmed down so much.

It turns out that she met a body builder on Twitter and has been working out with her for a while.  What that boils down to is that she wakes up every day stupid early (I am not a morning person) and works out before her baby gets up. Yeah, my son was generally up around 5 or 6 in the morning, so she’s lucky there. Anyway, so she’s up at 5ish and then works out for 1.5 hours a day!!!  Yowza!

Even when I was anorexic, I was only able to get down to 106 pounds and a size 5 in the eighties. Sizes have changed a lot since then, but what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I’ll ever have Kim’s glorious body, but I can step things up a bit. I generally do about 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. What if I just step things up to 45 minutes? Maybe even an hour. I really dislike working out. I love dancing and I like yoga, but actually doing the task of working out gets on my nerves. My body hates me and everything hurts. I’ve never been athletic and you have read about what happened to me when I tried to go the route of HIIT training. Yes, I hear it. That was almost an entire paragraph of excuses. FINE! If she can do it with a nanny, a personal chef and trainer, I can at least do half of that without the staff and definitely without the lighting.

If we’re still talking about food, breakfast was a repeat from yesterday, except I added coffee with milk.

IMG_0776 Lunch was another trial of a burrito using those Ezekiel tortilla. I thought if I heated them a different way that I could make an actual burrito, but instead of rolling, it pretty much gave up on me and created a fairly solid large taco. That plus leftovers of yestrday’s Avocado Salad made for a very filling meal.


Dinner was amazing. It was Cilantro Lime Chicken. Basically, put chopped cilantro, garlic and lime juice in a large zip lock bag. Mix it up in the bag and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then put on the grill or on a grill pan for 6 minutes or so on either side until it reaches 140 degrees. Looks like I should have used my flash for this photo, but since we weren’t too hungry after that big lunch, we just had a mango on the side. (That’s a small plate, not a giant mango.)img_0780.jpg

Since it has been getting warmer, I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of a having tea before bed. Has anyone ever heard of sleepy time iced tea? I should make that a thing.

How about you? What is your trick for moving the needle on the scale? Or do you have a better tip for getting to sleep easier? Share your story in the comments below.

I’ve literally got one more week of this detox. Like, share and subscribe.

Thanks for reading!


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