30 Days Without Sugar — Days 18 & 19

30 Days Without Sugar — Days 18 & 19

Day 18– Happy Father’s day to all you find dads out there and also to all you single moms out there pulling double duty. Usually I do something big and fancy for breakfast. One year I made hubby french toast fondue. That’s a fun one. Make your usual french toast and cut it into one inch pieces. We have a fondue server, so syrup goes in te middle, then have different toppings or candies like sprinkles or something small in different cups and serve with fondue sticks, skewers or toothpicks, then dip into the syrup and whatever combination you dream up. 

I know, that wasn’t nice to do if you are following my lead and trying to go a month with no sugar. I won’t say that cravings are exactly there, it’s more like the memories of what sugary foods taste like are there. I wanted to still do something fun for hubby, especially since our kiddo is working today and won’t be joining us. I had planned on chorizo con pappas, which is Mexican sausage with potatoes, but for the first time in my life I found myself sans chorizo, no chorizo to be found. I had already chopped the potatoes and started browning them on the stove. Guess we’ll just have some more eggs. Yes, I am getting a little tired of my go to 0 sugar meals. How many have I shared with you that are egg based? How many more must I eat? I just need to keep my focus on the end goal. Below we have potatoes, onions and eggs and yes, I had cherries on the side. It wasn’t my usual Father’s Day smorgasbord but hubby is trying to drop some pounds too, so he appreciated the simple meal.

IMG_0732 Hubby and I are big music fans so I got him the 25th anniversary edition of Ice Cube’s album Death Sentence and took him to see All Eyes On Me, the Tupac story. I used to eat a bag of popcorn every day for lunch when I worked in the corporate world and I was 35 pounds thinner, so yes, I do see popcorn as a meal. We each had small popcorns. I had a bottle of water and hubby had a soda for the first time in weeks. He did regret it afterward. He had a headache and an upset stomach. That is definitely helping me stick to my goals.

Later, I had another favorite snack that I’ve been eating since childhood, avocado mini-burritos. Divide up an avocado between three or four corn tortillas and add a little bit of salt. If you are more adventurous, like I am, add a slice or more of jalepeños to give it a nice kick.

IMG_0733Neither one of us were feeling like a heavy dinner so we did what we do now and then and have a fend-for-yourself meal. I have no idea what I was thinking with this concoction except that the other avocado half sure tasted good and I wanted some sweet before bed. Here you’ll see avacado, mango, and the last few olives in that can.

IMG_0734 Yeah, things are starting to get weird.

Day 19 — I had no vision of what breakfast would be today. All I knew is that I woke up too early. Livestrong sent me a message this morning with a recipe for Paleo Blueberry Doughnuts. I only know a little about Paleo and I know that it centers around few ingredients and being as close to the earth as possible so, why not? I did change the recipe for my purposes. I’ve never been one to mix all the GF flours, so I almost always use Namaste all-purpose GF flour. I also have no clue what erythritol is so obviously I was without. I also used Virgin olive oil instead of avocado oil, and clearly did not use the honey in the doughnuts or the glaze. Speaking of glaze, I didn’t use as much coconut oil as it called for because the berry juice and oil didn’t combine very well.  Maybe it would have if I used the honey. I also don’t have a doughnut pan so I made them more like scones. These were surprisingly tasty! I’m going to keep the recipe and eat them with the honey after this detox. Who doesn’t love a good scone? IMG_0735 I only had one of these and a cup of coffee with milk. Hubby had a hard time staying out of these.

For lunch I pulled out the leftovers from the day before and munched on a repeat of Mexican chili dogs. IMG_0736.JPG

The rest of the day got really strange.  I prepared a giant roasted vegetable salad to take on the road with us as we were going to be driving two and a half hours one way to see my little cousin graduate high school. We had planned on picking up a Senergo smoothie since it was on the way, but due to a miscommunication, we were under the impression that we were late. We were told that we had to be there by 5:30 or they would close the doors and wouldn’t allow anyone else in. Not true! They wouldn’t open the doors until 5:30 so I could have had my delicious treat. Whatever. I munched on the salad on the way up to the graduation and on the way back for a weird snack and dinner. This version of the salad had roasted shalots, onions, zucchini and beets. Fresh beets taste a bit different from the pickled beets that many of us are used to from a can. Hubby was pleasantly surprised. However, after working with them, my kitchen did briefly resemble a crime seen as my hands and cutting board were pretty well stained red for several days.

After that long drive and the emotions of seeing family that I haven’t seen in a long time and meeting my baby cousin for the first time, we definitely needed some calming tea when we got home.

We’re coming up on the last third of this adventure. Will I make it all the way without breaking? Subscribe to find out. Like, share and comment below.  Take care, and

Thanks for reading!

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