30 Days With No Sugar — Day 21 — When They Saw me…

30 Days With No Sugar — Day 21 — When They Saw me…

Rounding out the end of my third week. I am fairly confident that I will get through today and the next nine days with no issues. I’m doing a fairly good job of finding no added sugar options. However, what really cemented my committment was going to see some old friends after a month apart.

I had an interview in the city today and was pretty psyched. Started my day off strongly with warm lemon water, a scone, and a cup of coffee with milk. IMG_0769 Since I was going so far north, I knew I would be able to swing by my last office where I left something and also stop by my favorite smoothie place on the way back. When I got to my old office, the folks were going ga ga both over my hair and over my new svelte figure.  Ok, so the scale is stuck, but something is working, and apparently it’s me! image5Driving into the office I noticed a sign for a deal on strawberries at a market I had not ever been to before, so on the way back I decided to stop in. It’s called Home Green and OMG! It’s like a cross between a farm stand and a Co Op. It’s beautiful. My interview and subsequent journey is taking longer than I had planned to my new bag of green grapes is riding shotgun and I can’t keep my hands out of them. I was able to get my smoothie and one for hubby. This time going for the flagship flavor; the Senergo. It’s pretty good, but honestly, I think I liked Kaleicious better, which is odd considering I can’t sand Kale. Also, treated myself to a couple of these giant Rainier cherries, and a piece of cheese. IMG_0770

When we first bought this house, we did so partly because of the fauna and flora on the property. I loved the giant Weeping Willow in the front yard and hubby was a big  fan of the Rainier Cherry tree. What a blessing to go out and pick your own sweet cherries. However, the following January we had a crazy PNW windstorm which split my Willow tree in half and blew the cherry tree over. How fair is that? My willow recovered, but the cherries did not.

My extra long journey took it out of me a bit so I wasn’t up to cooking a feast tonight. Hubby and I just wanted to keep things simple with a very basic nacho, with a side of avocado and salsa.

IMG_0771 Tomorrow is the big weigh in and I’m feeling pretty damn excited about it.

We’re in the home stretch now. Just over a week left. Subscribe, share, like and comment below. Take care and as always…

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