30 Days With No Sugar — Day 20

30 Days With No Sugar — Day 20

I can’t tell you how freeing it feels to have these little weird scones lying around. Breakfast, especially, has so many quick options. Bagels, cereal, doughnuts, coffees, toast are some of the quick grab options we have in our country for an easy breakfast. Not that these are all the healthiest of options. Now, of course it’s not just us. When hubby and I were honeymooning in Tahiti, we found a little market that promised fresh croissants every morning. They were wonderful. We didn’t have that lull you get after eating a subpar breakfast. I’m a big advocate for fresh foods and we were very happy about this find. We often still joke about how nice it would be to walk down and grab something from that market.  Many of you might not have an aversion to additives, preservatives, GMOs, gluten or added sugar. However, I’d challenge you to give these up for a little while and see how you feel. Anyway, back to my breakfast, these little scones let me just grab one with a cup of coffee and get on with my day. I put milk in my coffee both for the protein and because I’m a cream and sugar girl. Figured the creaminess and natural sugars would help me suck it down without getting overcome by the bitterness.

IMG_0763 I have to say, I felt amazing after the coffee! I haven’t had coffee in almost three weeks. I’ve never been a huge coffee person, like my husband who consumes coffee from sunup to sundown. (Well, at least as an adult. Who didn’t spend the weekends as a teenager milking that one cup of coffee at Denny’s for several hours.) Anyway, having a thyroid disorder, I really do appreciate a morning cup of Joe to kick my system in gear. Although, I do recommend giving yourself a break from coffee here and there so you don’t develop a resistance. I was developing a resistance to the sugar I was putting in my coffee and found myself putting in more and more as the months went on. I am looking forward to being able to add a bit of sugar after this detox is over, but plan to not add any more than one teaspoon. Once I feel like I need more than that, that’s probably a good indication to take a break.

This is super random, but a friend shared something called spine poetry, and this is the kind of stuff I do all day. Currently I am a work at home writer. Yes, I write this blog, but I’m also working on a novel as well as other projects. When I saw this, I couldn’t resist. Here is my spine poetry debut. 😉 IMG_0764 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. Refuse to Choose! Scat, wild horses. The Next Accident. A little play on my clumsy nature. Har, har, har!

I didn’t really have a snack today, but did have lovely leftovers for a quick lunch. Here’s a repeat of the roasted vegetable salad.IMG_0765 Not too long ago, my son told me that his bosses were the healthiest people he knew. When I asked how are they healthy, he told me that they make it a point to roast a panful of vegetables on a regular basis. I couldn’t help but pat myself on the back a little bit. I’m sure they do it more than I do, but you really can roast anything. I cut them all up to bite-sized pieces, spritz a little olive oil, then add a light salt and pepper. Generally I roast a pan at 350 for about 20 minutes, although this round, the beets did take about 15 minutes longer. No I did not remove the squash or onions, although the onions probably should have been removed.

For dinner, I wanted to try something else that I saw on social media. Now, I did not have the nacho cheese, and my sour cream recently went bad. I was also trying out my new Ezekiel tortillas. Let me tell you how excited I was to find a gluten sensitive “flour” tortilla. There is no flour in these tortillas. Here is the video that inspired today’s meal: the Quesorito. 

The cilantro lime, rice was awesome. However…IMG_0767 This GF tortilla does not roll well. It pretty much fell apart completely and I at the insides with a fork. Since my meal ended up suddenly lighter than I planned, I supplemented with a handful of cherries.  IMG_0768Maybe next time I’ll just try it with two oversized corn tortillas. Nice try Ezekiel, but back to the drawing board for finding burrito sized tortillas.

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