30 Days Without Sugar — Days 16 & 17

30 Days Without Sugar — Days 16 & 17

Day 16 — I promised you the answer to one of the many questions I was left scratching my head about the day before. Well here it is. This morning a little fairy left me a clue about why my body is fighting with me, and ladies, you’ve been here before too, you know, every month. GRRR! Well this isn’t the week that I expect much to happen on the weight loss front. I feel for my husband. I don’t get my required influx of chocolate this time, so I cannot be responsible for my actions. What I am excited about though is that I didn’t balloon up like a puffer fish and didn’t put on any weight. That’s almost unheard of. If I’m understanding this right, less sugar equals fewer PMS symptoms? It’s too early to declare results of that one, but it’s a good hypothesis at least.

Today’s Red Flower Menu (that was for the Game of Thrones Fans out there) starts with a breakfast smoothie. I can’t remember where I found this one, but it is supposed to be a quick light smoothie with greens (I was a little hesitant after Green Meanie) and, honestly I can’t remember the recipe. You can see how impactful it was. No yogurt and no almond milk, I remember because I was hungry again shortly afterward, which is why I didn’t save the instructions. IMG_0719

Lunch was another variation of nachos. I recently realized that I’m too heavy on the fruits and need to load up more on vegetables.  My salsa rafts are a little more challenging to navigate while already loaded with tomato, olive and avocado, but I made it work.  IMG_0722

I really didn’t have much of a dinner. Lunch was quite filling, but I was craving sweet like crazy! I went back and forth about whether my monthly visitor was an adequate excuse to break my detox or not. Finally I stumbled upon a can of 100% pineapple. Thank you Dole! Apparently my grandmother loved fruit over cottage cheese and this has become one of my favorite treats. Husband thinks I’m crazy, but what does he know?IMG_0726

Before bed I got another smaller urge for sweets but that was easily quelled by a handful of cherries. Mmmm. I just love produce in the summer!IMG_0727

Day 17 — Today I woke up craving a good breakfast smoothie. No more recipes, just the usual. I mixed up a banana, 1/2 cup of yogurt, 1 cup of almond milk, a handful of greens and some blueberries. Quick, simple and painless. IMG_0728 Lunch was an old favorite of mine. Mexican chili dogs. What’s the difference between those and the usual chili dogs? Well the dogs are lightly browned in a skillet, I use refries instead of chili, and tortillas instead of buns. For all you carb watchers out there, corn tortillas are surprisingly lower on carbs than the usual gluteny hot dog buns. Score! Toppings include chopped onion, a sprinkle of cheese, and some of my delicious tomatillo salsa. I cooked enough for two, but hubby wanted something else. You know what that means. Leftovers! IMG_0730Hubby was on deck for dinner, well, sort of. He warmed up some mini chicken tacos we get from Trader Joe’s. Not a drop of sugar. Then I was to make the guacamole and I make this awesome cucumber salad. Cucumbers, onion and tomatoes soaked in lemon juice and salt. It’s been described to me as a citrus salad and others have called it a pickle salad. Whatever you call it, it’s super refreshing and light for the warm days.


I’m sure I finished up with some tea, but I’m not sure how much longer that will last now that things are starting to heat up.

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