30 Days With No Sugar — Day 15 — Weigh-in #2

30 Days With No Sugar — Day 15 — Weigh-in #2

Oh my holy gawd! I’m weighing in this morning after two full weeks and the scale hasn’t budged! You have got to be kidding me! It has got to be my leg injury, right? I mean it’s puffy, so there could be water on my knee or something. Let me measure it. In fact I need to measure everything else before I throw this scale out and find another one.

Crisis averted, sort of. The scale might be stuck, but so far I have lost 1.25 inches on my chest, (I am a little saddened by that. Wishing it was my hips instead of the chi chis), two inches around my stomach, and two inches around my hips. My legs and arm measurements remain steady. I’m giddy about these new measurements, and about the energy I have that aluded me before I started, but that scale has got to start moving. Around day four, husband offered a bet for who could lose the most weight throughout the summer. Four pounds isn’t going to win me $50 in new clothes. I almost forgot, there is an inch difference between my two knees.  Time to call the doctor.

Anywho, I started my day with a breakfast of lean Tyson sausage, a peach and a buttered piece of toast. No fuss, no muss.  This incessant cooking is getting on my nerves. I’m not getting much done throughout my day and my dishes are always dirty. Maybe I should try to improve on better prep work.


I had a light snack before lunch because I started craving something sweet. ***This is more foreshadowing*** I didn’t want my normal apple and peanut butter so I pulled out some celery and went old school.  IMG_0713.JPG Remember when mom made you these silly treats and you had enough energy to go back outside and play for another several hours? This is why. Celery and peanut butter or celery and cream cheese with golden raisins (I don’t like the regular kind.) Lean protein and vegetables. A snack for champions, or elementary school kids. Either way.

Before I took the toothless wonder home, we both updated our hair color. My son is in a band so he did fire-engine red and I felt like a new person so I gave myself an entirely new do. I haven’t been platinum since I was 17. Maybe I should update my Bitmoji. Well, another time…


For lunch I made myself that dinner I planned for my son that he didn’t want. It’s peppers and onions in a cut-out of bread with cheese, so a veggie filled grilled cheese something or another. I got the suggestion from someone over Facebook but for the life of me can’t find the video. It was so good though. Definitely doing that one again. IMG_0717

The weather was garbage. It has been for the past several days and I wanted soup for dinner. I had recently done tortilla soup, and we didn’t have any anaheim peppers for green chili soup, so I just found a Cooking Light article which had several soup options. I found the loaded potato soup receipe and was reminded of the potato soup I grew up with. It’s an old depression era recipe passed down from my grandmother. I grew up super poor so this was a staple in my house. I took a tip from this recipe and boiled my chopped potatoes in chicken broth rather than water. (Poor!) I was very happy because this time I had celery on hand. I’m often in the midle of making this soup by the time I realize that I am without celery, which I don’t buy often. Anyway, chopped potatoes, celery, and onion in a pot of one carton of chicken broth and the rest water. I used to use sliced hot dogs, but since my brand has sugar, I added the 0-sugar brats from before. Add salt and pepper and boil until the potatoes are soft, about 20 minutes. Then add a splash or two of milk and I add hard dumplings. It’s about 1/4 cup of flour mixed seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, and then mixed with one egg. The mixture will be clumpy which is what you want. Slice off clums with the fork and then send them sailing in the boiling broth. Let your dumplings cook in the boiling soup for about 5-7 minutes. Then, soup’s done!


It is customary to add a small pat of butter to mix in.

**This is what you’ve been waiting for**

After dinner, husband was rifling through the freezer and suddenly spins back and says, “Wait, hon, are you sure those sausages (referring to my breakfast) have no sugar in them?”

“Aww crap,” I answer as he quickly pulls up the packaging online. (We throw our packages out often to save room in our small freezer.) Wouldn’t you guess, there’s dextrose! I quickly researched dextrose to confirm what I already knew, it is indeed a sugar. I asked husband to check those meats I had been eating and it’s in there too! Now what? Here I thought I had just gone two weeks without eating sugar. Does that mean I need to start all over? Is all my effort for naught? Is this why the scale won’t budge?

Come back tomorrow to get the answer to at least one of those questions. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. Have you ever accidentally sabotaged a diet before? Share your story in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading!

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