30 Days With No Sugar — Days 13 & 14

30 Days With No Sugar — Days 13 & 14

Day 13 — Gearing up for my second weigh in soon. It’s almost been two weeks. At the same time, I’m also preparing for my adult son to get his wisdom teeth taken out. He lives in off campus housing, two blocks away from his college but for tonight, I get to be mommy again. He has to take two pills tonight and two pills in the morning before his procedure, which is oh so early in the morning. He also can’t have any food after midnight or he’ll turn into a gremlin. He lives about a half an hour away from me and since he won’t be driving himself home, we need to drive up to get him. It’s only a half hour away, but freeways in this state are starting to look like California.

I’ve been meaning to try this weird pancake recipe for breakfast that has protein powder, eggs, almond flour water, and a tiny bit of oatmeal and honey. I got this from that workout lady, Danette. It is supposed to be made in a blender and then just poured onto the pan. I followed the directions (without the honey) and it was very runny, but it cooked up enough to make a thin pancake. It wasn’t until I got to the end of the batter that I found the tiny bit of oatmeal. That last pancake was nice and fat. It tasted like garbage though. If I had syrup, I’d be ok, but on their own they were shit. I tried topping them with peanut butter and bananas Hubby woke up and I tried to give him the rest of the batch. He ate two and said he’d eat the rest later. I tell you that man is a garbage disposal.


Regardless, I wanted to be sure to workout before the kiddo showed up because we had some serious bonding to do. Hubby and I had some other errands to do and because I was so full from breakfast, I didn’t even think about packing a snack. By the time we arrived in my son’s town, I was feeling woosey. When we saw my son, he immediately started talking about food. I had a special dinner planned for him, but no, he wanted to go to the RAM. I told the fellas I was going to need something before dinner even though it was only 2 pm. My kid perked up and said, “You need a smoothie. Come with me.”

“Hon, I can’t have sugar, that’s not going to work.”

“No, seriously, he doesn’t add sugar at all.” I even asked the owner and only one drink on the entire menu has added sugar.

Allow me to introduce you to Senergo.


Heaven in a cup! It’s Kale and pineapple and yum and yum and OMG, can I franchise this place? I don’t know that I’d ever make any profit.

For dinner since the kid wanted to go to the RAM, hubby was concerned about me, because, well, there’s really no such thing as no-sugar fast food, except for this one place…Yep, you got it! More pho pho me! (Sorry for the stupid joke.) IMG_0705.JPG My son, my husband, pho and a cheesey DVD. Today was a good day.

Day 14 – Up early to take the kid to surgery. This is the first surgery he has ever had, and he rarely ever gets sick. He could be an X-Men character. I’m not a morning person so I quickly blended a new smoothie. Got this one from Dr. Oz too. It looks like crap but didn’t taste too bad. It had a new coconut gizmo I’d never heard of called coconut butter. It looks and operates much like coconut oil, so I’m not sure that I would get it again, but the smoothie was great. Click the picture if you want a link to the recipe.


Candice Kumai’s Chocolate Avocado Fat Bomb Smoothie


Well, I didn’t end up getting a wisdom teeth video, but I did have some laughs as his anesthetic was wearing off. He kept asking if it was over, if we could get ice cream, and what time it was. Wisdom teeth videos are filled with a random embarrassing statement of question, and mine was when I read aloud the things he couldn’t do for a while, like suck on a straw or a pipe. I joked, “So no weed for a while.” (It’s legal in our state, so I wasn’t as shocked as, say, my mom would have been back in the day.) But right after that, he slured, “What about edibles?” and yes, he made me ask his doctor. They have not adjusted to the green culture in our state, so they were quite shocked. Thanks for that one, son!

He was pretty upset that his goodie bag included a pudding cup but no spoon. “What am I supposed to do now?”

“Go home and get a spoon from there, hon,” I replied.

“Oh yeah!”

Yeah, his meds hadn’t quite worn off yet. We tried to go to Baskin Robbins, but it was before opening time. After that we went to WalMart to get his prescriptions filled and pick up some soft foods that he could eat while healing. Those included two containers of ice cream, including a peanut butter one. That boy is just toying with me now. That’s ok, though. My momminess kicked in and I was entirely focused on taking care of him.

Food was easy. Since we were set to watch another rom com (we’ve done this all his life. It’s not weird. His girlfriend appreciates his love for the genre.) I popped some popcorn with a few cherries and a piece of bacon cheese. ***Don’t eat bacon cheese if you’re following a 0 sugar plan. I will explain at a later date.


Hubby whipped up a quick onion and cheese scramble for a light dinner for even the sore-toothed of us.      IMG_0710

As always I finished off with a cup of hot tea.

There’s some foreshadowing here. Did you catch it? Stay tuned to find out what all those clues are leading up to. Subscribe so you don’t miss it. Like, share and comment below.

Thanks for reading!




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