30 Days With No Sugar — Day 11

30 Days With No Sugar — Day 11

Did you know that Pho is actually a breakfast food in Vietnam? No joke! Coming from the world of bagels and french toast for breakfast, I scoffed at first before I was a Pho connoisseur. (I’m not really a connoisseur of anything. I’m just a foodie trying to not be killed by my food.) Anyhoo, when on a diet, or a new eating plan, since I love ooey, gooey, sticky sweet breakfasts, trying to decide what to have for my favorite meal is often a challenge. However, the night after a pho dinner, breakfast is easy. Leftovers!!

IMG_0672.JPGThere’s the rest of my delicious soup and a cup of hot lemon water. For all the benefits of having Pho for breakfast, check out this Cooking Light article, and guess what? It has another recipe for Pho! Now we’ll all be Pho foodies. 

I am alternating my workouts now between the cardio/calasthenics workouts at least 3 times a week and yoga. I’ve been trying to stay up on Adrienne’s Yoga for weight loss series, but sometimes if my day was too full, I’ll end up doing bedtime yoga. Those are great for any time you might be battling insomnia. Well, at least that helps me getting to sleep. Staying asleep is another matter. But I digresses…

Lunch was super easy. Loaded up on the veggies atop a small plate of nachos with a side of salsa and a cup of green tea. It’s a bit more challenging for my salsa rafts to ferry salsa when they’re already carrying a heavy load of olives, avocado and tomato, but I make do.

I started craving sweets like crazy that afternoon.  Isn’t the afternoon always the hardest? If you are a coffee drinker, it’s about time for the crash. If you are a human being at all, this is the time we tend to be depleted. In my culture, this would be time for siesta, but Americans haven’t yet bought into the importance of a good nap. What do we do instead? Eat! And eat something with sugar, often, right? I think I remember, like five episodes of Dr. Oz talking about how this is the time where our blood sugar tends to dip out on us. It makes sense. For some reason, the gap between our lunches and our dinners tends to be longer than our break between our breakfasts and lunches. This seems like a good time for a snack, right? The key is to not give into temptation. To ease that need for sweet, I chopped up half a banana and put it on top of a piece of gluten-free bread and almond butter. That was just sweet enough and I was perfectly satisfied.

IMG_0684 *** That is, of course, until I found out that almond butter had sugar in it! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I actually didn’t realize that one until I went to the grocery store looking for other brands of no-sugar-added peanut butters on the day I’m writing this, which was several days later, and just happened to check my almond butter brand. I already had two panic attacks along this similar subject, so by the time I saw this error, I just shook my head in disappointment. Check the labels and then check again!

However, there was nothing to be ashamed of at dinner time. I’m just going to drop the picture here to get your mouth-watering at first, then I’ll tell you about it. IMG_0685 Obviously a yum! Hubby was manning the grill, but I started the food. The shucked corn and peppers went into a foil packet together. The peppers were treated with a touch of olive oil while the corn got butter. I then added oregano, seasoning salt, and a handful of other herbs. Make sure to leave a little room in the packet for expansion and steam. In another packet goes three pieces of salmon with onion salt, butter and chives. This is one of my favorite meals of the whole month.

I have a new sleepy-time tea with vanilla. Mmm. It’s so cozy and familiar. The vanilla helps me realize that the tea is just fine without the sugar. I’ll play with vanilla flavoring more in the future to see what else it helps me get through sugar-free.  Maybe oatmeal?

Subscribe, share and leave me a comment with your favorite no sugar added recipe. Maybe I’ll feature it here and link it back to you. Take care and

Thanks for reading!

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