30 Days Without Sugar — Day 10

30 Days Without Sugar — Day 10

Happy weekend! Weekends are the perfect time to cook or prepare future meals. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, especially on the weekend. Or at least it used be, back when I used to be able to handle pancakes, or cinnamon rolls, or a warm buttered pastry. Remember, I told you I was a sugar baby. I have had to shift into a different gear because of my gluten intolerance, but now without any added sugar I now need to make a complete u-turn. 

I have been having fun finding different ways to add more vegetables into my meals. For breakfast that’s exactly where I started, with a handful of greens. I threw them into a pan with a tiny bit of coconut oil. Add some chopped onions and a can of beautiful Washington state mushrooms. Wait until the greens are wilted and the onions are clear and starting to brown. Then mix in a couple of eggs and a sprinkling of cheese and you have a very flavorful egg scramble! I served mine with a handful of cherries to satisfy that morning need for sweet.

IMG_0657 Apparently the fat in the cheese and the oil I sautéed the vegetables in was enough because lunch was very light. I did another plate of mixed meats over cream cheesed nutty crackers and a half of an orange.IMG_0658

I messed up the servings on this one. The last time I made this meal I tore the meats into halves and then put them on the crackers. This time I used full sizes on 12 crackers. Not quite a full saving of crackers, but four servings of meat! Oh lord! I was painfully full. These smaller meals are really shrinking my stomach. Hopefully that will be a mistake I won’t repeat.

** Do not follow my game with those meats. Stay tuned and I will tell you why this was the source of another panic attack later in the week. **

I finally convinced hubby it was time to take me to dinner. But where on earth can you find a restaurant that serves anything without added sugar, you ask? Your local Pho place. Pho is an amazing broth based soup loaded with herbs, vegetables and rice noodles (in case you are gluten intolerant, like me.) Sadly you’ll need to avoid that tasty sauce that you might otherwise add.  Also, GF people be cautious of the soy sauce. My nutritionist told me not to eat soy, number one, and number two, some soy sauces have gluten in them. Grr! Doing an elimination diet is not easy, and doing two is downright painful. That being said, do load up on the jalapenos and sprouts to make this a delicious treat. I always get the large bowl, with the spring roll, eat half of the soup and take the rest home. Yay more leftovers! IMG_0659.JPG For more information about the joy of broth based soups, check out this article, The Miraculous Bowl of Soup... from epicurious which also has a link to a pho recipe. (Yes, this tasty treat can be made from home.)

Tonight, rather than finishing up with just a cup of tea, hubby popped up some home popped pop corn (not out of the bags) with real butter and a little salt.


Come back next time for more recipes and find out about those random food-based panic attacks. Will these struggles throw me off my game entirely? Subscribe, share, and leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!



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