30 Days With No Sugar — Day 9

30 Days With No Sugar — Day 9

Ok, I’ll tell you a secret, which you probably already know if you are looking at the dates and wondering why day 9 is being written on June 16. In a perfect world I should be writing to you now about what happened yesterday, June 15, which is really day 15, BUT since life has a tendency of getting in the way, I am writing to you about what happened almost a week ago. Arg! That’s just not ok with me. My human is showing, and I’m sorry about that. In an attempt to catch up to myself, I am going to attempt to write a few of these two days at a time (starting tomorrow). It was a very eventful week, so let’s get started.

Breakfast was delicious on Friday. I wasn’t completely awake, so even though there was avocado on my sandwich, I grabbed a mango from the fridge and cut it up to go on the side. It was a delicious mistake that I shared with my bearded dragon. She likes berries better. I don’t give her fruit often because of the sugar, but just as a treat now and then. Funny how we can sometimes be more conscious of how our children or our pets are eating then how we ourselves eat. Not that I’m ashamed of this meal. It was avocado and egg on gluten-free bread with some mango on the side. All whole fresh foods. IMG_0647.JPG

**Writer’s Note** Pay attention to that gluten-free bread. It will be the center of a panic attack that happens later in the week.

I have a special recipe to share with you for my lunch on Friday. Craving nachos but don’t have room in your daily meal plan? Try my made-up Nacho Salad! It’s so easy. Greens, plus all the goodies you’d put on your plate of chips. IMG_0651.JPG

I didn’t add avocado to my salad since I had it for breakfast, but I did chop up some tomato and olives to mix in. For dressing, drizzle or spritz a small amount of olive oil with some lemon juice and just a small sprinkling of salt. Toss well, and then top with a handful of cheese. I only use about a half of a serving for this one because I don’t want to drown out the mix of the other ingredients. See, I told you! Make up your own salads and dressings and you will start to crave salads.

My son told me that someone he works with adds coconut oil to his coffee to make it creamier without the milk. Since I can’t stand coffee without sugar, I’m only drinking tea. I figured I’d try the coconut oil. Not much of a fan. It’s really oily and if you let it stand for a while, this happens. Ick!  IMG_0652

Early Dinner was tasty leftovers from last night. Seriously, this tortilla soup is a meal. If you missed the recipe, check out Day 8.

Because dinner was early, I ended up with a craving for something sweet. Nooo! Did I not have enough fat in the meal? Did I not eat enough? I’m not too worried because I had only a few small meals throughout the day, but the craving was concerning.

I twisted my usual apple and peanut butter by heating chopped apples until they were soft and then mixed them with a small amount of peanut butter. I thought the milk with cinnamon would also help curb my sweet craving. I was soo full after this combination and won’t be doing it again. IMG_0654.JPG

Will my new cravings do me in, or will I be able to keep it going for another three weeks? Subscribe by clicking the heart on the left so you don’t miss the fun. If you have a recipe to share or a similar story click the paper icon to leave a reply.

Thanks for reading!



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