30 Days With No Sugar — Days 6 & 7

30 Days With No Sugar — Days 6 & 7

Regrettably I am falling behind with updating my journey. Ergo, I have decided to combine these two days.

Day 6 Day after tomorrow is the big weigh in and I am  so giddy. No added sugar plus the nasty green smoothie has definitely given me my hollow cheeks back. I might have to do a version of that once a month or every other month just to keep the system clean, with some adjustments. You know, like blueberries, instead of prunes or dates, and maybe not quite such a big handful of greens. No kale and not as much spinach. I’ve put mixed greens into other smoothies and didn’t have the stench that the spinach gave off. Ok, seriously, I am done talking about this breakfast smoothie, which I have now lovingly named, Big Greenie. big Greenie.JPG One thing I forgot to mention is that I am a big fan of starting my day with warm lemon water. I read an article about it recently that said that the idea that warm lemon water giving a strong start to your metabolism is bull shit. All I know is that whenever I drink lemon water to start my day, I am thinner. The times when I start to get lazy and no longer drink it are the times that I puff up and put on weight. I’ll leave the determination about whether or not this is causal or correlational up to you.

Lunch this time is leftovers of the salad, alone. IMG_0624 It’s a signature salad. It really doesn’t need much else. When I was working with a nutritionist, she kept telling me to eat salads for lunch. I’d pick up those prepackaged plastic wrapped salads that you can get at any big box store. Half of them had gluten in them, BTW so if you are gluten intolerant and eating these, you might be getting an unwelcome surprise. Anyway, I’d eat these tiny, inconsequential, forgettable salads every day. I now buy greens and make up my own salads.  I’ll make the one with mango, Avacado, and strawberries and make sure to post it on here sometime soon.  These salads, my salads, I can eat every day.

I almost forgot about the bag of shelled pistachios in my pantry.  I looked up the serving size and it said “a handful.” Excuse me what? My handful or my husband’s that is almost nearly twice the size? Time to break out my kitchen scale. If you don’t have one of these yet, even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, it is handy to have. Don’t worry, you don’t have to weigh everything forever. I found another site that said the serving size for shelled pistachios is one ounce. Imagine this? My handful  holds exactly one ounce. With that information I threw together these delightful sweet and salty snack with the aforementioned nuts, and the cherries that I’m sure will be making several appearances in this blog along with cup of green tea.


Dinner is another favorite of mine. When I was younger, my son and I would bounce back and forth between a heavy meal and then lighter meals. Sometimes a bowl of cereal, sometimes on a hot day, yes, a bowl of ice cream, a salad… Hey, I was doing something right because at that time I was 30+ pounds lighter. Another light, easy to whip up meal was a small plate of these bad boys:

IMG_0631 My saucer of nachos has taken on many different versions over the years. It started off as just chips and cheeses, usually with a bowl of fresh guacamole. I’m Mexican so guac and salsa often show up in my meals. I started making this tomatillo salsa after deconstructing a delicious jar of salsa from a farmer’s market over a decade ago. Before this detox, I would add a handful of bacon bits before I melted the cheese. I can’t have those right now. Do you know why? Because there’s added sugar in every package of bacon bits I can find!!  Grrr. Anyway, this plate of nachos has just over a serving size of organic corn chips, a serving of cheese and two servings of olives. So why do I up the servings of the chips and the olives? The olives are a healthy fat, and partly make up for the missing bacon. Also, by using just one serving of all the ingredients, I actually end up calorie light. One thing that might be sabotaging our weight loss might be not eating enough. The chips only have about 140 calories per serving. Since these don’t appear to be the culprits of my large pant size I add a few more to up the calorie count along with a couple more olives. Besides, chips are a nice little raft to ferry delicious salsa into my mouth.

I wrapped up the night with a bedtime yoga session and my usual sleepy time tea (which I’m trying to drink earlier to prevent me from waking up at 4 am for a bathroom run.) Upping your water intake does have its downside.

Day 7 The following morning, I’m up with  cup of lemon water After my workout of cardio warm up and calisthenics (No one talks about that style of workout anymore, but that’s what they are, regardless of witty, catch phrase they go by now. I’m showing my age here.  haha.) A couple of weeks ago I fell for another workout promise from a lady named Danette May. Like many of you, I have fallen for gimmick after gimmick, and promise after promise. What I have learned from these mistakes is to not fall for the “but wait, there’s more! For just another $27…” crap. Also, if some weight loss guru tells you that supplements are worthless, but he or she tries to sell you their own supplement, they are preying on your desperation. I know this, because I have lost plenty of money falling for the same crap.

One of these failed attempts was one that tried to get me to do HIIT, High Intensity, Interval Training. Basically you jump around for a certain amount of time and then switch to strength training, and then back again for several more rounds.  Many people swear by it. Personally I don’t think advising 200 + pound women to bounce around vigorously on already strained joints is the best course of action. (Not that I’m quite 200 pounds, but close enough.) My result from that waste of money was an injury I have an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to discuss.

However, I do like the Danette May stuff.  She reminds me of the Denise Austin workouts, I used to do when I was younger but a more modern spin. She does start off every workout with jumping jacks, but I do enough to get my blood pumping and then I do some silly march while waving my hands like a nut job until she changes moves. Raising your hands high and low in the air really gets your heart pumping.  Seriously. Try touching your toes and reach up to the sky about 20 times. Tell me your heart isn’t beating. I used to do breathing exercises like this for my students to either wake them up or calm them down before the big tests. I’m not going to give you her link here because I promised not to sell you anything and because she has that nasty habit that everyone in the weightloss/workout world has which is that they never stop trying to sell to you. If you’re interested, look up her name. She’s easy to find. Then do what I did, get the DVDs (or MP3 if you like) and then either unsubscribe or ignore the sales pitches when they come. I prefer Livestrong.com for health updates and to keep track of my food.

I’ve been talking about what I’ve been eating on this blog for a week now and thought it was about time that I talked about my physical activity. Sadly you can’t just do eating plan or workout; a healthy body requires both. I alternate her workout with yoga for 6 days a week.  I’ll hapilly give you a link to my free yoga lady. Yoga with Adrienne was my introduction to Yoga and I still enjoy challenging my body with her videos.

For today’s meals, I did a quick breakfast scramble with mixed greens. Had nachos for lunch and my usual apple and peanut butter for a snack. Hubby was working late so I made a dinner of an “Eggie in a basket” with butter as my healthy fat and on gluten-free bread with a side of strawberries. Then of course, my nightly tea.


Tomorrow is the big weigh in! One week down.  Check back to see if there is any noticeable difference after one full week without added sugar.

Thanks for reading!




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