30 Days With No Sugar – Day 5, June 5th

30 Days With No Sugar – Day 5, June 5th

Day five without sugar and day two of my smelly breakfast smoothie. Hubby is not here to whip up a scrumptious alternative and I know I have to do finish this.

IMG_0623 Surprisingly, the small touch of chocolate protein powder and the few blended plums were enough that I didn’t feel like I was torturing myself, because as we all know that is a sure fired way to make sure that we are not successful starting a new eating plan. The food has to taste good! We can’t shake our nasty smoothy at a tray full of doughnuts in the staff room and feel empowered to resist doing the wrong thing. I had only this day and one more to choke this thing down. I am feeling amazing, aside from the uber frequent bathroom visits. I mean, this smoothie really keeps things moving, if you know what I mean. Will I ever make it again? I think I will, amazingly enough, but with some modifications. Berries are so nutritious and also helpful in weight loss, so I’m thinking I will substitute 1/4 cup of blueberries for the sugared dates and should be fine. I might make it one batch at a time, thought, just in case.

Lunch was leftovers from a previous night.

IMG_0572 Leftovers are a gift you leave yourself. When I first went gluten free, I was frustrated because I was used to going to the pantry and finding a box of something to throw on the stove for a few minutes and — poof! — dinner! Or someone would swing by some place on their way home and bring home dinner in a greasy bag. Sadly good-for-you meals don’t come in boxes and bags. One of the hardest parts about doing any elimination diet is that you have to cook, or prepare every one of your meals and snacks. I am constantly cooking and my kitchen shows it. Today I had leftovers, which just meant a minute and a half in the microwave and I was good to go.

Happily, dinner was also leftovers.

img_0617-e1497131814977.jpg Since my kiddo is away at college, it’s just the two of us at home now. Whenever I can, I make sure to cook enough food for the following day. The hard part is designating the leftovers for the next day with a big eater in the house. Sometimes I feel like this lion tamer getting hubby to back away from the recently cooked food to save for leftovers instead of him eating the entire batch.

~James Clear How to Focus

He doesn’t have nearly the trouble with his weight as I do, although neither one of us is at our pageant weight.

For tonight’s wind down, I omitted the ginger in my sleepy time tea. The good thing is the ginger was giving me energy and definitely helped me stave off that puffy feeling. However, by including it in my nightly routine, I kept setting myself up for a challenge getting to sleep.  I’ll probably end up adding it to my morning teas later on, but for now, I need to test out one of the other detox waters: grapefruit and cucumber. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Tomorrow is my last day with this stinky smoothie. Be sure to subscribe by clicking on the heart to the left so you don’t miss out on the latest part of my journey. What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten for the sake of your waistline? Click on the paper symbol to the left to leave a comment.

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