30 Days With No Sugar – Day 3

30 Days With No Sugar – Day 3

Let me try writing this again.  Apparently I wrote this one time and hit something incorrectly because it all disappeared.  Fine!

I did that thing I’m not supposed to do and weighed myself again.  I’m just doing a quick check-in and I’m sure that once I’m on a roll this will stop. The results: I gained half a pound! Ugh!!  Looking back I know exactly what did me in: a large dose of carbs covered in mystery oil late at night and going to bed too late.  Sleep really is the magical cure-all needed for effective weight loss. Not only did I go to bed too late, but I’ve been waking up in the dead, blackness of the early morning over the passed several days.  Being an insomniac, I have the worst time getting back to sleep.

Anywho, I figured the best way to right myself again was to start with a breakfast smoothie I had tagged earlier from the Dr. Oz website.  He recently just did a show on how people use his likeness and that of other celebrities to push their unethical agenda. So, let me go on record: I am not working with Dr. Oz. I am a fan an appreciate his tips, but he does not know that I exist. Maybe one day after I’m successful and have glorious before and after shots I can send him an email with a link to my blog and then he’ll have me on his show and I’ll write a book detailing my journey complete with full recipes…or maybe I can just get my head out of the clouds and finish this post.

So, we’re going to spend some time with this smoothie. The recipe is called J.J. Smith’s Fat-Burning Smoothie, which you can find here if you’re interested. I get everything ready for the blender and notice that one of the ingredient it calls for dates. I only have the dried version, because I’m an average gal and am not even sure where to get fresh dates. Sadly, my dried dates have added sugar, as do most dried fruits. No problem. This only called for 1/4 cup so eliminating them shouldn’t make too much of a difference, right?  (If you’re a fan of movies or literature, that was foreshadowing.)

The recipe called for greens, lemon juice, and a half a can of coconut milk, half of an avocado, and half a grapefruit.  Rather than wrap up the remaining halves of the fruits, I figured I would just make a double batch. This meant four handfuls of greens (I had spinach leaves), four cups of green tea to go along with the full fruits.

bad smoothie

Ugh! It smelled to high heaven as I poured it into this cup. I took a sip. Sweet Jesus! What had I done? Left out the dates, that’s what. Gods, it looks like nuclear waste, doesn’t it? I quickly emptied my cup, realizing that I’ve never been so thankful for a straw in my life.  If I had to shovel this thing into my mouth with a spoon, I don’t think I could have made it.

Afterward, I went back into the kitchen with a handful of prunes and the half a cup of leftover smoothie from the previous day and mixed both in with the festering atrocity in the blender. It wasn’t too bad.  The little bit of chocolate protein powder from the leftover shake helped and so did the prunes. The downfall is that I now had two more servings. I repeated the mantra, “I am committed” as I put two green jars into the refrigerator and rinsed the blender.  The good news is that I wasn’t hungry all morning.

Afterward, Hubby and I went to run a couple of errands and I made another huge mistake. I did not bring a snack with me. By the time we were done, I was famished. I have previously had acute hypoglycemic attacks and I set myself up for another one. For those of you who are not familiar with acute hypoglycemia, it is when you didn’t eat when you should have and your blood sugar bottoms out on you. Symptoms include bitchiness, tears, confusion, and poor decision-making skills. Hubby has often had to drag me out of the bedroom when, after not finding anything good to eat, I run off to have a good cry and a nap. Neither of which will bring my blood sugar back up.

I was already irritated because I suggested pho (which is nutritious heaven in a bowl) but hubby decided we were going to eat at home. Did I mention we hadn’t finished up our grocery trip? I felt my internal pendulum tick away at the few cohesive moments I had left to choose a meal. After several unsuccessful trips to the pantry, hubby reminded me that we had just recently picked up some salami and prosciutto. Happy days are here again!

IMG_0559 Everything is satisfied with this cutting board inspired lunch. Saltiness comes from the olives. You get the crunch from the gluten-free nutty crackers. The meats and cream cheese give a nice dose of protein, and there’s even a little sweet from the strawberries. Also, it’s just pretty, isn’t it?

Since lunch was late, I didn’t need a snack between this and dinner. Hubby was on deck to cook tonight and I was curious as to what sugar-free goodness he’d put together. He mentioned pasta and rolled my eyes.  No way that’s going to be without sugar! Often when an ingredient, like gluten, is taken out, sugar is the cheapest replacement. That’s seen all the time in fat-free foods, but to my surprise, this pasta is GF and SF. He is a big fan of one pot meals, so he threw in some seasoned chicken and spinach. (Like I haven’t had enough of that already, right?)

IMG_0561 I was slightly nervous about repeating the last night’s mistake of eating carbs during dinner, but this tasted so good, I quickly forgot my woes.  I finished up my night with a cup of sleepy-time tea with ginger.

Remember to subscribe to follow my journey. Will I keep making mistakes that will do me in, or will my tiny successes be enough to motivate me? Do you have a 0-sugar meal that you’d like to pass on? Click on the paper icon to the left, and leave a reply.

Thanks for reading! cropped-screen-shot-2017-04-06-at-1-32-42-pm.png




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