30 Days Without Sugar- Day 2

30 Days Without Sugar- Day 2

Here we are on day two. I’m down almost a pound so I’m feeling pretty excited about my journey. I know, I know. I should only weigh myself once a week, but I’m impatient. I decided to go hard and start my day with a blueberry and banana smoothie. I put a handful of greens in there because I know that I tend to go heavy on the sweet fruits and light on the vegetables.  This is an easy way to fit something green with the delicious flavor of banana berry. I bought some new whey protein powder because this seems to be the new thing. My previous protein powder tasted gritty and chalky. This is much better.


Hubby decided that we were going to go to the movies and have a popcorn dinner, so I was on the hunt for a no sugar added snack to tide me over. Can’t go wrong with beef jerky, right? A tasty protein snack. I had just picked some up from Costco, so I was good to go.


Or so I thought.

jerky ingrediens SUGAR! Look at that.  It’s the second ingredient, meaning that is the largest amount of a substance in this recipe, behind only beef. Do you believe it? Ugh! I thought jerky just had a lot of salt. First the peanut butter, now the jerky. This will teach me to read labels a little better. I sobbed a little.  No joke. In hubby’s arms, he asked me what was wrong. “This is harder that I thought. It’s only day two and I already can’t find a snack.”

Then, I remembered I had a jar of peanut butter in the back of a cupboard. Would that one have sugar too? We both crossed our fingers as I dug into the back of the cupboard.

Eureka! Now, you’re probably wondering while this Organic, no sugar added peanut butter was in the back of my cupboard? I grew up on Skippy and Jif. Jif has sugar. This is a natural peanut butter which means it’s the oil on top/stirring kind. I always make a mess and can never get quite the constancy I’m used to. However, I’m on a quest and need a snack. I wiped my tears and tried to scoop up oily peanut butter with apple slices.

Back on track, hubby is in charge of the next late snack/early dinner and came up with a no sugar added bratwurst with steamed vegetables. I added the butter to my veggies for flavor and a healthy fat, and can’t eat a brat without sauerkraut. Yum! According to my nutritionist, the only kraut worth eating is the refrigerated kind. Fermentation is good for the gut. Kim chi is another tasty example, but I’ve never tried that on a brat.

brat & veg

And I finish my foodie adventure for today with a small popcorn with extra butter and settle in for the latest Pirates of the Carribean.  I know, I know. I shouldn’t eat that and it is surely not butter. No one really knows what it is except that the synthetic odor makes me think it’s butter.  I feel like I’m in the Matrix and the Matrix is telling my brain that my popcorn is now salty and tasty. I snuck in two bottles of water, so at least I don’t have to couple Mystery Butter Oil with the High Fructose Corn Syrup in a soda.

Oh, and then of course, the movie lets out late which means I’m late to bed. Hoping that my vegetable focus of the day outweighs the bad habits I’m finishing my day with.  Not too shabby over all, but a little concerned that I’m already finding challenges.

Subscribe to see what I can concoct for the rest of the month. Will I make it til the end? Do you have any tasty treats that can help me get through? Post them in the comments below.

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