30 Days With No Sugar – Intro

30 Days With No Sugar – Intro

I saw this post on Facebook from a Buzzfeed writer who did a 30 day sugar detox and I was inspired. So inspired in fact I started this blog. I have been fighting the battle of the bulge, my entire life. I have also swung in the opposite direction and added some anorexia in there to shake things up during my adolescent and teen age years. I mostly just want to be healthy. Most recently my son, his friends, and my husband competed to see who could lose the highest percentage of weight. They lost all kinds of weight and, while I tried, I lost and gained the same 3-5 pounds landing on the exact same number as the day I started. How many of you (especially ladies) have been through the same disappointment? No worries, I am not selling supplements here.  Gods know I have been through enough of that too.

Anyway, after seeing Arielle Calderon’s successful 3 inch weight loss, I knew this was the place I wanted to start my blog. Let it be known, I am a SUGAR-BABY!  I have a sugar in my coffee, honey in my tea, add powdered sugar to strawberries, am madly addicted to pastries and believe pie is a gift from the heavens.  I know going into this that it’s going to be tough, but I also know that I can’t eat the amount of sugar I do and be healthy.

This started June 1. Forgive me for not getting this uploaded on time.  Seriously, looking through the various theme options for blogs is hypnotic and took some time to choose.  That being said, I promise to keep you up to date on the previous day’s progress.

Here are my stats and (eek) pictures. I am 38 years young, 5′ 5″ on a good day. I weigh 184.6 pounds, 37 inch bust, 34 inch waste, 43 inch hips, 25 inch thigh, 12 inch bicep, and 14.5 inch calf.

I’m not too disappointed as I do workout every day, and eat mostly whole foods so I have a nice overall shape. However because of my bad thyroid, I don’t have the energy to spend hours at the gym. I have a gluten sensitivity so that already limits some of my diet.  I did lose weight when that change originally took effect, but I’m wondering if gluten isn’t my only problem.  Here I go on a 30 day adventure eliminating all added sugar in every form.

If I can make anyone can, but there’s the operative term: if… Subscribe to follow my journey and see what foods are left to eat.

See the writer who inspired me here.




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