30 Days With No Sugar- Day 1 (June 1)

30 Days With No Sugar- Day 1 (June 1)

I am super pumped. I feel good at the start of this journey. I am hoping the desire is enough to fuel this attempt, but I am also nervous as I tend to be great at starting things, but not always so good at finishing them.

I walk passed the coffee pot knowing that no matter how much almond milk I put in it I won’t be able to drink it without sugar, so I turn on the teakettle instead. All those nights at the Japanese Sushi or steakhouses helped me to get used to green tea with no sugar or honey.  I keep the ginger in there to finish up my last trial of something I saw on FB which I will be reporting on soon.

Breakfast is fun. A former family friend taught us how to make egg on tortilla when I was about 10. So tasty, especially using coconut oil.  I normally would have paired this with an avocado half, but I had plans for avocados later in the day. But hey, any excuse for a mango is welcome.  I know I’ll probably have to be aware of the natural sugars in fruit and try not to overdo it. IMG_0551

We had a late lunch with that beloved avocado. I accidentally clicked on the Rachel show and sure enough, she was making an avocado dish so I changed my plans. Basically you take leftover roasted, rotisserie chicken or grilled chicken breast and mix it into guacamole. Be careful with the rotisserie chicken though because the sauce often has added sugar. Anyway, she served it in taco shells but I had extra tostada shells so that’s where mine went. IMG_0552

I had a late meeting so no time for dinner before I left. I wasn’t too hungry and thought a snack would do enough since hubby planned to make a later dinner for after my meeting. I sliced up an apple for my favorite healthy snack, but <gasp!> that’s where I hit my first snag. My Jif peanut butter had added sugar! Nooo!  The betrayal!!! Now what?  I eat PB several times a week. It’s my favorite protein. And what about those Fat Bombs I just made a few days ago?  Drat! Fine, now I’m on the search for sugar free peanut butter.  Please don’t think that when I say sugar-free that I’m advocating for any of those nasty sugar substitutes like Equal or something. Those are not helpful on one’s journey to health. Alright, the apple is cut, I just need a good protein.


A hard-boiled egg will almost always be a great choice for a good protein. However, this egg was sadly too old so I had to throw it out and substituted a handful of pistachios to hold me over.

After my late meeting, I was starving. Since my meeting let out a bit early there was no dinner waiting for me.  For all of you who have been on a specific eating plan, having disruptions like that can really mess things up. This was only day one, and I wasn’t ready to lose it on unpreparedness.  So I whipped up a lean sausage patty, with strawberries and a piece of toast made from Ezekiel bread. IMG_0554

Day One down, and I’m feeling great so far.





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